First Desire

There is no need to fear the flame, so embrace me as I desire!

Cast aside thy skirts and finery, that I may view thy nakedness.

Is such love a metaphor
for spirit revealed: divine fire?

Then let us love like gods:
run thy hands across my chest

Dip our feet into the waters that wait to caress them soft,

The waters of passion, which lap and lick to set the spirit free…

Only for the heat of the moment
to carry us ever so madly aloft!

Such is the moistness of a stolen kiss, from lips willing and wet.

As we tumble at the foot of the Forbidden Tree without regret.

The sanctity of Eden’s gardens
remade by us, so blessedly,

That God might be moved to blush
by the fierceness of desire!

Thou hast me in thy power: and my love, thou shall remember!

Our flesh pours out its’ ecstasies like wine upon a sacred altar!

And Eden dies,
sweat coats
our bodies, ever glistening.

Thy soul entrapped by its’ thirst for me,
drawing so near,

Unto damnation,
yet thou dost smile

Through love, fallen
yet we arise together in dawn.

Thou art my addiction,
my craving
my vice

Thou are my lover, thou art the flame, which is unto me drawn.

How many gardens were blighted by the power of our hunger?

Pour thy wine, my Demeter, and let Olympus rain its’ thunder!

Whilst behind us there is no longer an Eden, only a wasteland…

Echoing with the cries of our love, wherever the wind so blows.

Come with me, my love

Light and Darkness (Love and Lust)

The sun leaves me
A glimpse of the darkness

At these hours,
my emotions seek refuge,
entangling themselves in the life I desire.

The light reveals
To expose my faults.

I love the life the sun provides,
but still lust the stillness
Of nights sky

Ian Johnson ©2012


Two fires burning
The drum beats inside me
With your rhythm.
In my dreams I remember.

My mind twined in ribbons
When our bodies were woven,
And it was morning before
The moon’s blue touch
Eased the flow of our dance.

Each heartbeat recalls
The drums and the flames


The bulbs begin their push
In the twilight
Just peeping through
The cold moist earth.
Front line of the green invasion.
A single tree frog
Weakens in the marsh,
And the air is thick
With mists of melted snow.
When darkness comes
The moon sings
A clear high song
Just below the horizon

But it rises in silence.